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Unleash the power of Sentinam's virtual personal training programs– redefined.


Our mission at Sentinam is to offer unique and personalized virtual programs that caters to everybody around the world. Founded in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2017, we provide one on one fitness coaching, nutrition guides, on demand classes and unique fitness learning options suitable for everybody.

We have trainers that speak both Spanish and English with the most rigorous personal training certifications that exist. If you have any questions or are interested in enrolling in Sentinam Club, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



  • Qualified Sentinam trainers have created three different levels that symbolize different tiers with varying difficulties and challenges. Level 1 is recommended for beginners, Level 2 is recommended for Intermediate knowledge and Level 3 is recommended for Advanced clients.

  • As soon as you purchase your training plan you will get prompted to complete a questionnaire on your program page that will allow your trainer to take into account your needs, goals, limitations and lifestyle.

  • Sentinam programs give you the flexibility to pick among various training modalities. Some days you might have two sessions assigned – one at home and one for the gym to account for changes in your schedule. Can't go to the gym that day? We got you covered. 

  • All of our programs gave a duration of four weeks in order to prepare you for the next level. However, within each level new exercises will be coming out monthly in order to give you the flexibility to stay within a given level for however time is needed.

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Hola Alahna! Espero estés súper bien. Pensé nunca llegaría a enviarte este mensaje pero con orgullo aquí estoy! Llevo utilizando tus rutinas desde principio de año y luego continué con los zoom classes. He tenido tanto progreso y eso es gracias a Sentinam. Gracias a su trabajo pude comenzar y continuar con una base sólida para llegar a mi meta. La motivación que me brindaron poco a poco se convirtió en una disciplina rutinaria. Por eso, les deseo los mayores éxitos con tu compañía y espero que sus clientes puedan sacarle el mismo provecho que yo. Nuevamente muchísimas gracias por su servicio.

Preciosa Guzmán

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