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Sentinam's Online Personal Training is an online program built for you by certified personal trainers. It offers you the flexibility of training and staying in shape wherever and whenever you feel like it. It can be at the gym, at a park, or at your home. You pick where you want to train and we build you the program that fits your body and your goals. All programs are personalized and accesible right through your phone. You are unique, your training should be too.

  • Level 1

    28 Days • 4 Participants

    Level 1

  • Level 2

    28 Days • 2 Participants

    Level 2

  • Level 3

    28 Days

    Level 3



  • Qualified Sentinam trainers have created three different levels that symbolize different tiers with varying difficulties and challenges. Level 1 is recommended for beginners, Level 2 is recommended for Intermediate knowledge and Level 3 is recommended for Advanced clients.

  • As soon as you purchase your training plan you will get prompted to complete a questionnaire on your program page that will allow your trainer to take into account your needs, goals, limitations and lifestyle.

  • Sentinam programs give you the flexibility to pick among various training modalities. Some days you might have two sessions assigned – one at home and one for the gym to account for changes in your schedule. Can't go to the gym that day? We got you covered. 

  • All of our programs gave a duration of four weeks in order to prepare you for the next level. However, within each level new exercises will be coming out monthly in order to give you the flexibility to stay within a given level for however time is needed.