Because your body is different, and your training should be too.


personalized, duh

On our in-depth questionnaire you pick your goals, equipment availability, where want to train (at the gym or in your living room) and we build you a program that fits nobody else but YOU.

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Receive your exercise sessions daily on your phone

You receive your exercise session a day before your session is due, this allows you to perform your session at anytime– early in the mornings or at night, take a look at your training plan, plan your day ahead or notify your trainer of any questions that might arise. You receive your sessions via WhatsApp, iMessage or e-mail.

Stop wasting time figuring out what to do 

We tell you exactly what to do and how to complete each exercise session. Your program includes a detailed account of rest periods, number of repetitions, number of sets and a name, description and picture of each exercise to be performed. These plans are engineered daily by one of our highly qualified sentinam trainers.

Fitness Instructor

Unlimited 1-on-1 coaching

Have a question in the middle of your workout? The machine at the gym is taken? You receive unlimited 1-on-1 coaching through the duration of your plan so you can ask for questions (or changes) whenever you need to. All of our trainers are highly qualified and have extensive experience with different training modalities.